DEEP – Digitized Energy Efficiency Portal

In times when energy generation in Sweden is transfered from nuclear to renewable, the energy price will increase. Therefore the most prepared commercial energy consumers plan for continuous improvement of energy efficiency in their buildings. DEEP, Digitized Energy Efficiency Portal delivers continuous information to both energy surveys and energy declarations. This information is then used to reduce both energy costs as well as climate impact.

It is long since proved that the energy demand for buildings in Europe releases two times more CO2 emissions into the air than the transport sector. So by increasing commercial buildings energy efficiency by using DEEP, the users not only make themselves an economic favour but also a favor for the humanity and nature.

DEEP- Digitized Energy Efficiency Portal

Together with our Clients and our highly skilled Software Engineers, Programmers, Project Managers and System Architects, we have developed DEEP to optimize energy efficiency and maximize efficiency operation to match our clients and authorities needs in a proactive way.

DEEP in short:

  • Easy to use and install.
  • Improved energy efficiency as well as maximal operational efficiency gives financial saving from day one of use.
  • Service and maintenance warranty
  • Data collection of all electric controlled systems in a building together with survaillance and remote control of the buildings energy usage.
  • Automatic comparison between different buildings in the area to reach best practice
  • 100% compatibility to always be able to install* and control the latest cleantech technology such as:
    • Optimized Local Energy Production (solar, wind, geothermal) ,
    • Maximum Efficiency Operation (collaborative, intelligent, efficient systems, etc),
    • Minimization of Waste Energy (recovery, storage, etc).

* Installations are accomplished by certified installer.

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